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Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve
The mission of Frank Phillips when he built Woolaroc in 1925 was to (1) preserve the history of the West, (2) educate and (3) entertain.
Bartlesville Community Center
Several stage performance series call the BCC home: the Bartlesville Choral Society, the Bartlesville Civic Ballet, Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra, Broadway in Bartlesville!, Children's Musical Theatre, Bartlesville Community Concert Association and the world famous OK Mozart Music Festival.
Kiddie Park
Welcome, the Kiddie Park currently offers a wide variety of 18 rides and attractions. Where the last train ride is always free!
Bartlesville Area History Museum
Meet Me At the Roundup!
The Price Tower
Arts Center / Historic Tower Tours
Downtown Visitor Information Center
The Bartlesville Information Center provides literature on area attractions, events and hotels. If you need additional information or directions there is someone on hand Monday through Friday to answer your questions and to assist you in planning your visit.
City Parks
The City of Bartlesville currently has five community parks, seven neighborhood parks, along with Pathfinder Parkway. a twelve-mile linear trail system.

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