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"Land of the Earthborn Spirit" At an altitude of 8,000 feet, Vedauwoo is a rather secluded rocky oasis in southeastern Wyoming, filled with dense pine forests and aspen groves. Today, climbers and others come here from nearly everywhere to indulge themselves within a setting of alien rock formations and scenic valleys found only at Vedauwoo
Laramie Plains Museum
The beautifully restored Ivinson Mansion, built in 1892 by one of Laramie’s first families, is on the National Register of Historic Places, and operates as a non-profit historic house museum emphasizing Laramie Plains area history and the Victorian Era.
The American Heritage Center
The AHC sponsors a wide range of scholarly and popular programs including lectures, symposia, and exhibits. Not a dusty attic or an exclusive sanctuary, the AHC is a welcoming, lively, place where both experts and novices engage with the original sources of history. Access is free and open to all.
Laramie Visitor Center
The Laramie Area Visitor Center is located in Historic Downtown Laramie. The Visitor Center offers an assortment of brochures about Laramie and its early history.
Laramie Plains Civic Center
Serving to fulfill the role of education, recreation, retail, entertainment, and workplace.
City Parks
Parks & Recreation

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